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Can Counselling Help with My Anger?

Anger is natural

Everyone experiences anger to varying degrees. Anger is a natural human emotion and we all know what it feels like for the most part. Yet, we don't always know when it will emerge within us or what to do with it when it shows up! Counselling for anger can be useful if you find it difficult to predict, understand, or manage your anger; and especially if it is affecting you and those around you in a negative way. Counselling can be helpful as it offers a safe place for you to examine more closely how you experience anger as an emotion. It is a place to discover and examine the following points:

  1. How does anger actually feel to me?

  2. How do I typically respond when I am angry?

  3. How would I like to deal with this emotion going forward?

Where does Anger come from?

Even though expressing anger is often frowned upon, it is a common reaction to internal thoughts or external events and how we perceive them. However, things that make one person angry may not affect someone else in the same way, which illustrates that much of our anger reactions are quite personal, and based upon our unique interpretation of events and experiences. In fact, most people will resort to angry reactions if they are worn down with stress or annoyed and mistreated. But, for some people, anger can emerge with a force that is disproportionate to the circumstances at hand and effectively "comes out of nowhere". This kind of anger is coming from a place deeper within and is often misunderstood by the person expressing it. For those individuals, Counselling can be helpful, not only to help discover where these reactions are coming from and how they emerge, but also to learn how to manage these emotions effectively.

Find a Counsellor to help you with your Anger

Most Counsellors will understand emotions and how they impact behavior and can help you with your anger reactions and assist in trying to understand them. Getting professional help is an important step to take, as unchecked anger can be quite detrimental to you and to those around you.

Take that step now, and get the help you need. I can help you with your anger and you are welcome to learn more about my approach by clicking here.

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