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Dirk Hansen Counsellor and Coach
Passionate About Inspiring and Helping Others

Life can be difficult at times - and our experience of events, circumstances, and relationships can sometimes overwhelm us.  We may have a vision of how we want things to be, but for a number of reasons, we cannot realise this vision, and at times we see our problems seem to become 'insurmountable'.


Through Counselling, I work with you to help identify these perceptions and to better understand what may be causing your distress, and then work to help you restore your hope for the future.  I believe that there are clear steps you can take to feel better, and to achieve greater happiness and growth in a relatively short time frame. 

Originally from Seattle, I hold qualifications in both the USA and the UK.  As a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, I use a combination of Solution-focused, Cognitive-behavioural, Psychodynamic, and Family System approaches. I can help with most emotional issues including anxiety, depression, addiction, anger problems, diagnosed mental conditions, adjustment problems, and relationship breakdown.  For more information about my qualifications please click here.

Passionate About Helping Leaders Realise their Goals 

The key to successful leadership is made up of many components, but the predominant factors are still connected to the character and behaviour of the leader. 


As you move to greater levels of responsibility and notoriety, it becomes more critical that you have a healthy sense of 'self-awareness'.  Many leaders find that they are held back, either with regards to decision-making ability, or with issues related to personality.


Through Leadership Coaching, I will work with you to assess your current context, and to utilise personality assessments to identify potential 'blind spots' and/or personal characteristics that impact your success as a leader.  Equipped with a better self-understanding, you can then set goals and construct plans with barriers addressed.