Is Anxiety Holding You Back?

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Anxiety Can Limit You

You may ask yourself: "Is anxiety holding me back from achieving my goals, or reaching my dreams?" This is a very good question to ask; and if your answer might be "yes" - then it is one to ponder.

Anxiety can have a powerful effect on you. This is worth considering; especially if you are unhappy with your present situation, or aspire to a more fulfilling life. In fact, anxiety can be quite limiting at times, causing you to restrict your movements, or avoid taking chances. It may even keep you from expressing your true talents and abilities - all because of persistent fear and worry.

Anxiety is based on Distorted Thinking

It may be difficult to fully understand where your anxiety originates from, and/or how it has taken hold in your life.

Anxiety usually consists of common characteristics which may vary in intensity. They include:

  • a fear of bad things happening

  • constant nervousness and hyper-awareness of your actions and decisions

  • physical sensations of increased heart rate or change in breathing

  • the presence of recurring thoughts, based on speculation and distorted views of reality

A combination of these anxiety symptoms, or all of them together, can lead to restricting your movements or altering your plans - usually for fear of something going wrong.

How to get relief from crippling Anxiety

Anxiety is often based upon faulty beliefs - thoughts that are irrational or not based in evidence. In some situations there may be a basis for your anxiety, e.g., public speaking, doing tasks you are just learning, etc., or you may have had a bad experience in the past and are therefore anxious when you encounter a similar context or environment. But, in many instances anxiety is fueled by unrealistic thoughts about what might happen in the future, or by fears tied to unreasonable or irrational assumptions.

Therefore, examining your assumptions, perceptions and way of thinking, and making some changes, can provide a way out of crippling anxiety.

Counselling for Anxiety

Moving away from an anxiety-ridden life takes time and effort. Counselling can be a good step to assist with this and may include approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. These interventions are designed to focus on anxiety: the symptoms, the source, and what is driving it in your day to day experience. Taking time to look at the impact of anxiety with the assistance of a mental health professional can help you move forward, and find greater freedom and peace of mind.

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