Why do I feel so unhappy?

The pressure to be "Happy"

Feeling unhappy can be a common experience for us all. Finding the reason for these feelings can be difficult. You may believe that your life is "ok" or even better than "ok"; but still, you may not be able to appreciate it, or feel happy about it.

Is it about me?

An important question to ask when feeling unhappy is: "Is this feeling due to something happening inside of me, or outside of me?"

Something "outside" of you relates to circumstances and events, i.e., where your unhappy feelings are a consequence of "external factors" such as changes in your living situation; an unfulfilling job; an increase in stress levels; or a complex issue you face that seems to have no solution.

Something "inside" of you more often relates to internal thought processes or perspectives, i.e., you may not be able to find any external factors directly affecting your emotions, but you continue to experience persistent feelings of unhappiness with no clear explanation.

Start by looking backwards

When trying to resolve feelings of unhappiness, it can be useful to start by looking at past events and experiences, and try to identify when and where you believe the unhappiness began. This exercise can help you look more objectively at how you got to this place, and, what experiences, losses, or gains may have contributed to these types of feelings.

Also, you may want to look back and identify a time when you last remember actually being "happy", and then examine what was going on at that time in some detail, in order to get some "clues" as to what has changed now.

Seek help

If you find it difficult to sort through these questions and answers on your own, then Counselling or Psychotherapy can be a good opportunity for you. A trained Counsellor can work with you to better understand what is happening currently, as well as looking at past experiences that have impacted your feelings of well-being. A Counsellor can also help you to identify if your unhappiness is related to external circumstances and situations (mainly), or if there is something unresolved within you that you "carry" from situation to situation that is impacting your feelings of satisfaction in life.

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