Do you fear the future?

Looking into the Future

A Turbulent World

We live in uncertain times - often evidenced by news we hear about bad things that are happening around the world. We may also have first hand experience of unfortunate events that may cause us to worry about what the future holds. Not surprisingly we may be led to ask questions such as: "Will my loved ones and I be safe?"; "Will I be able to provide for myself and my family in the future?"; "Will I be able to cope with the pressure and stress that might increase with unforeseen circumstances?"; or, "Will the decisions I make today have negative outcomes for the future?"

Dealing with Fear

It is common to have fear or feelings of anxiety related to the future and our role in it. It is also common to take precautions or plan for our future safety and well-being. But, when fears and anxieties begin to affect our ability to deal with life in the here and now, then it might be useful to get some help. Counselling can be a helpful way to express our fears in a safe and confidential environment, and to get some objective feedback to check out our perspective.

Perspectives Matter

Although it may seem that the world is spinning out of control at times, and that things are getting worse or more uncertain - in reality - it is not as bad as it seems. By most opinions, the human race continues to make progress, and our overall well-being is improving across the planet.

However, each one of us has a unique perspective derived from past experiences and current circumstances. Some will have perspectives that tend toward the negative and some will view life more positively. Hopefully, your perspective will possess enough realism and optimism so that you can function in the present without distress or excessive self-doubt.

Get Support

If your fears about the future pre-occupy much of your daily thought process, and you find it difficult to make decisions or to feel at ease, then seek support and help. If you would like learn more about counselling for anxiety please click here.