Counselling for Anxiety

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Finding Help for Anxiety

Many are searching online for help with anxiety - asking simple questions like: “Why do I feel so anxious?” or "How do I stop feeling so anxious?". To answer these questions it is important to better understand anxiety and where it comes from.

Where does Anxiety come from?

Anxiety has a direct relation to fear, and fear is an emotional response to a real or perceived (imminent) threat. But unlike fear, anxiety is not always a reaction to a real threat, but more an anticipation of a future threat (real or just perceived).

Most of us will experience anxiety in response to current circumstances or events that may produce anxious feelings. But, anxiety can also emerge and remain in a "chronic" state. This type of enduring anxiety can be the result of deep set beliefs or perceptions, often derived from earlier experiences, or from a perceived lack of control over circumstances - resulting in shaken confidence. If you experience this type of anxiety then seeking professional help could be useful.

Can Counselling Help with Anxiety?

Counselling for anxiety is designed to provide a safe environment to process through the complexity that comes with anxiety, including identifying past events, current events, and mental perceptions that are behind this troubling emotion.

A Counsellor can help you take effective steps to understand and to reduce your anxious reactions and move forward with greater peace of mind. Contact Dirk Hansen for a free telephone consultation and begin a positive path towards and anxiety-free existence.

Additional Resources

Anxiety UK

Charity providing support if you've been diagnosed with an anxiety condition.

T: 08444 775 774