How do I know if I am Depressed? Will Counselling help me?


What is Depression?

Depression is a diagnosed medical condition that can be determined by an evaluation with a GP or other qualified mental health professional. It consists of certain symptoms that are recognizable and have been evident for a set period of time. Some of these symptoms are related to mood, sleep, appetite, energy levels, mental concentration, and loss of interest in activities. If you suspect you may have depression to this degree, it is best to consult your GP in the first instance.

Facing Difficulties

Additionally, sometimes we use the term "depressed" to mean something slightly different than a medical condition, something less severe. In fact we may hear people say "I feel depressed" when they are really just having a bad day, or they have had an unpleasant experience that they are having trouble coping with. It is therefore important to know what is meant when someone uses the term "depressed".

We all experience difficult events, and we may even have an emotional reaction which results in having depression-like symptoms for a short period of time. When experiencing these feelings, it can be useful to talk with somebody you trust and to express yourself, including sharing how you feel. This can often help you feel better and get support during a difficult circumstance.

Getting Professional help

Yet, if your depressive symptoms continue and you are concerned, or others close to you are concerned, then it is good to seek professional help. As suggested, a GP can evaluate you, and he/she may also recommend counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy to help with the depressive symptoms.

There is Hope

Talking about your problems can be helpful and there are good counsellors and therapists available who can guide you through difficult times, and can help you if feelings of depression continue. Dirk Hansen provides counselling for depression in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire - click here for more information. Seek help early on, as there are ways to find relief from these symptoms, and to develop your strength to cope with adversity.