Moving beyond a difficult childhood

Girl looking back

Sad or anxious feelings emerging

Do sad or anxious feelings occupy your mind? Do you often look back at the past to try and explain the difficulties of the present? Are you more than likely to have negative thoughts and insecurities about the future? If so, it may be useful to examine the impact of your childhood and early family life as a possible contributing factor.

Finding a clear view of the past

Everyone has a past, and in most cases it is a mix of positive and negative memories. If you examine your past more closely, you should understand that your view will be selective - putting emphasis on some memories (both happy and sad) and filtering out others. Memories can also change over time, especially the further we get from the actual event(s). Therefore, in order to have a productive examination, it is important to embrace your past with a dose of realism and openness, seeking accuracy wherever possible.

Holding you back?

If your view of the past is as accurate as can be, and that past is filled with difficulty, dysfunction, and even trauma; then looking for impacts and effects can be important. This is particularly true if you feel that your present day existence is hindered by childhood or early life experiences. Seeking to better understand how your character, your decisions, and your view of the world has been shaped by your past is an important step towards moving beyond any challenges or barriers that may exist.

The importance of Professional help

Looking at the impact of childhood experiences can be a difficult task, and especially if the only tools you possess are your own recollections and perspective. Asking for assistance from a Counsellor is an important step, as he or she can help with this task.

Drawing upon appropriate training and experience, a Counsellor can offer an objective approach, ensuring that this will be a productive opportunity. The aim of Counselling should be positive and constructive, promoting better understanding of self, and developing a plan for moving forward. This process can help you make sense of the past and to develop strength and belief for the future.

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