Can Counselling help with Panic Attacks?

panic feeling

Panic attacks are frightening

If you've had a "panic attack", you know that it can appear to come "out of the blue" and without warning. This is why panic attacks and panic symptoms are so frightening - because they are difficult to predict and can be equally difficult to manage or prevent.

Panic attacks are hard to predict

Even though we understand that a panic attack is manifested as an experience of intense fear, discomfort, loss of control, as well as physical symptoms like pounding heart or shortness of breath; we don't clearly understand what exactly triggers these attacks and/or when they might develop.

Can Panic attacks be explained?

As much as this experience can be disturbing and disabling and hard to explain, there may be some factors that might suggest why you are having panic feelings, and why now. For instance, the level of chronic anxiety you feel, as well as stressful life events that you may have had (or are currently experiencing), could set the stage for panic attacks or panic symptoms to occur. It is therefore important to look at what is happening around you and take stock of the impact of those events. In doing so you may be able to make important connections that may assist you in dealing with stress and coping better.

Get help

As with all anxiety reactions, it is important to get professional help if needed, and where physical symptoms are present, you may want to consult your GP. Speaking to a counsellor may also be useful in order to look at anxiety and stressful life events that may be setting the stage for panic feelings to occur. Counselling can also help as you seek to manage these feelings and learn to cope with stressful life events. Dirk Hansen can provide counselling for Panic Attacks and Panic Feelings in Leamington Spa. Contact Dirk now by clicking here.


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